About the artist

So you want to know more about the person behind the art? Well, you have come to the right place!

As you can tell by the logo on the top of my website, my name is Marlon Teunissen, also known as Dreamchaserart and sometimes as Bluemonika. I am an illustrator living in the south of the Netherlands who also happens to be a big dog lover ( but I love all animals in general).

I am an artist with a main focus in character design, concept art, and illustration. I am obsessed with creating stuff so I am always coming up with new ideas for merchandise to sell in my online shop and at conventions. I enjoy working with colors and trying out different techniques to create images that express character and mood and am always looking around for inspiration.

I love doing my own projects which are usually games, artbooks, mershandising and comics. Some of them have been published and licensed at various professional publishing houses and companies.

When I am not drawing, I am playing videogames, working in the garden, listening to music and I love doing research and reading about mysterious and spooky things in the world.