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Everyone asks this, and it’s one of the hardest questions to answer! Often I just start working and see what comes out and make up stuff along the way. Often the very act of working helps you come up with cool ideas. Like many artists, I find inspiration comes and goes. People often ask where my ideas come from… where do anyone’s ideas come from? It could be from movies, music or other cool artwork. I also have fun asking myself “What if…?” questions, which are great to find ideas with. I still get artists block sometimes. The best way to fight this is usually to just keep drawing and painting and eventually it will go away.

I like to draw with a 0.5 fineliner. I do not really have a favourite brand. As for watercolor art, I usually use the “ Van Gogh” brand and watercolor pencils from Caran D’ ache.

I always use different programs simultaneously for one digital piece of artwork. I currently use Photoshop 7 ( ancient, I know!) Photoshop CS3, Coral Painter, Paint tool Sai and Manga studio. I always use my little Wacom cintiq tablet drawing screen to make things happen in my computer,

Sorry, it’s my strict business policy that I don’t allow the use of my artwork for other people’s business identity unless they have paid me for it. My artwork is my business persona, so I cannot allow other business to also use it for theirs. I hope you understand.

I always drew a lot growing up, probably more than most kids. My family has always encouraged it. At the age of about 14, I decided I wanted to be a comic book or character design artist when I grew up! I began more seriously studying artworks and practicing a lot and self-teaching at that stage. Since that time my focus has changed a little and I did try out a few art schools but have never finished one. They pretty much hated what I was doing and I felt that I did not learn anything there haha. I mainly improved my art by practicing as much as I can every day and by trial and error.

I do! I mostly attend events in the Netherlands but I am always open to travelling. If you’re interested in seeing me in your area, give me a heads up on conventions or events near you and I may just show up! My events and pop ups are all promoted on my Instagram and Facebook account.

Although my schedule is often very full, with overlapping projects and deadlines, I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with likeminded brands and artists! I do enjoy contributing to anthology projects, and collaborating, when I  am able to. If you or your team have an interest in including me in your work, you’re welcome to tell me about your project by contacting me at: dreamchaserart@gmail.com

Of course!! Thank you for asking! I have done a handful of interviews in the past (See “Press” page) , and I’m always open to doing more. Contact me!

1000x yes! I also create a lot of artworks in traditional mediums like pencil and watercolors, so If you’re interested in seeing examples of my artwork, you can head over to my gallery page, or ask for more examples of my work over email!

I do! Information can be found in my wholesale section.

I’m always honored to have my artwork tattooed on peoples bodies! If you would like to support me through the use of my illustrations, picking something up from the shop would be the best way to do it! I would also appreciate if you sent me a photo- I have a folder of tattoos of my artwork, and love seeing them.

It depends on my schedule but please check the  “Commissions” page for more info about pricing and availability and feel free to contact me about it anytime.

Sadly art theft happens very often and even I fall victim to it from time to time. Thank you for keeping an eye out for these situations. Please send me an email at: dreamchaserart@gmail.com with info on who is doing this, the website address/a link and let me know which artwork (s) of mine are being used and I will be able to take action.

Please check this download information page for more information on how to order and downloadable products from my shop.