Surprise Seconds Bag – SECONDS SALE – Enamel Pin, hard enamel, enamel pins, pin badge, second pins, b grade pin, cheap pin




Are you in for a surprise? Each bag includes 3 random pins with some flaws. Each bag includes different pins, but if you want to order multiple bags it is definitely possible that you’ll get doubles, they’re already packed up so I also can’t see what I’m sending your way. If you’ve looked at the pins in my shop you’ve seen that I offer some pins in multiple colours, but I won’t put two of the same designs in one surprise bag! The pins that you can expect are the ones that are currently in the shop.

These pins have some imperfections that I don’t feel comfortable selling for full price. Most of the flaws are small, but some are more visible but the pins are still wearable! So if you’re looking to up your pin game for a bargain, you’re in the right place!

Keep in mind when you buy a seconds pin that it’s not necessarily limited to one flaw.

Some of the flaws are:
– Specs of dust or other color/glitter
– Under filled enamel
– Over polishing (making letters thicker on side than the other for example)
– Dents/scratches in the enamel or metal
– Enamel covering metal
– Small area filled with the wrong color
– Air bubbles in enamel
– Plating not smooth
– Smudges in the screen printing
– Bits of screen printing missing

Additional information

Weight 80 g