Heartland stories: Robocity English edition


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Robocity is an one-shot adventure comic about a young woman engineer named Sophia who, on her way home from a hard day’s work, get’s stuck in the middle of the desert when her motorcycle runs out of fuel. Luckily she find a town nearby. Surely she will be able to find some new fuel there, right? The only problem is….humans are not allowed!

The story, art, coloring and text have all been done by your’s truly, although I did have some extra help from some professional editor friends who made sure that the English text in this comic has been translated correctly for everyone’s reading pleasure 😀 The English edition of Robocity contains 108 pages wich include the main story, a shorter  christmas special story and 3 mini gag comics plus extra artwork, printed as a full color, softcover,  A5 size (7×10.5) book. This is a one shot comic, wich means that you do not need to wait for the next book to see how the story continues or ends!

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