Heartland stories: The Undercity part 1



The Story

Strange things are happening at the small mining town of Coldstone.  Miners have been disappearing and mysterious earthquakes are occurring more frequently.

When her twin sister and father are among the latest people who have vanished in the mines, Abby teams up with a young archaeologist named Sam, who has his own reasons for investigating the mysterious mountain. As the two head deeper underground, they end up finding more than what they bargained for…

The Book

The undercity is the newest story in my Heartland comic book series. A series of books which all have their own self contained stories and characters but are set within the same world and universe. This time it will be told in 2 parts. This pre-order is for the first book. Book 2 is also being worked on as we speak.

The first book is already 100% completed and ready to be printed. It’s a full color, softcover, A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches) book spanning 108 pages. This includes 94 pages of the comic itself and the rest of the book  is filled up with bonus artwork pages. This book is a fun read for ages 12 and up.

Note: You DON’T need to have read my previous comic Robocity in order to understand and enjoy this one. This is a new story with different characters.

you can order the following versions:

1: The regular unsigned version

2: For a little extra fee purchase the signed version that comes with a pensketch.




Additional information

Weight 340 g
Dimensions 21 × 29.7 × 1.5 cm
Book options

Goodie pack, Goodie pack plus, Regular, With sketch


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