Shop update!

Dokomi convention is over and so I added new items into the shop such as stickers, magnets , prints AND Tshirts! I have them in 3 different designs and I only made a few of each design. Each T-shirt is available in size S,M,L or XL.


Night at the movies V.2 Exhibit

Last month, I was able to join in my very first group exhibit show at Penumbra Gallery in Portugal. The theme of the exhibit was “Night at the movies V.2” in wich we were asked to create a piece based on our favourite movies. Of course I just had to create something of one of my all time favourite movies: “Labyrinth”. I wanted to do a piece of this movie for so long!

The exhibit ran from may 18th until june 1th. The Original is still available. Please contact Penumbra gallery for inquiries at . For those of you who are thight on money, you can also purchase the A3 size print version of my piece in my shop! Below you can see some photo impressions of the exhibit.

Digital gallery update!

I have added my latest image “Nightdream window” to the gallery. This one along with the accompanying piece “Daydream window” are now also available in my shop as prints.

Nightdream window print

New events announced

I have updated the events page with new info of events that I will be attending. The new events will include Abunai con in august and Dutch comic con winter edition in november.  On top of that I will also be participating in the Penumbra gallery “ night at the movies v.2” next month with a painting of mine. More information about that soon!

New items in the shop!


Last month was Dutch comic con. The biggest convention in the Netherlands! I had an amazing time there and I am very thankful to everyone who came and visited my table….and there were a LOT of people who visited XD

I have finally updated the shop with my latest items. Like new cute memoblocks, new magnets, prints and stickers! Below you can see just a few of the items that are now available in the shop <3

Mushroom Jenny chibi notepads preorders open!

I have opened preorders for my newest cute chibi notepads featuring my cute Mushroom girl Jenny and a few of her friends. They are expected to ship on Tuesday 26th of March this year. You can find the listing here:

I also have several more new items added to the shop such as new keychains and stickers so be sure to check those out as well! 🙂

Drama Queen stickers now available!!

Stickers based on my “Drama Queen” illustration are now available in my store. These stickers are way bigger than my regular ones. They are available with different finishes as well 🙂 The drama Queen illustration itself has now also been added to the digital gallery. More goodies of this beauty will be added soon.

NEW! Toadstool girls stickers in the shop!

chibi versions from my artwork “toalstoolgirl Jenny” along with her cousin “toadstoolgirl Lilly” have been added to the shop as stickers! Perfect as gifts to yourself or a loved one!

Updated Kingdom Hearts sticker and magnet sets

I have updated the kingdom hearts sticker and magnet sets by adding chibi’s of Axel and Roxas to the group. Sora has also gotten a nice little update. Now with KH3 finally out, these will be the perfect gift for KH fans 🙂 You can find these cuties in the store.


2018 Lookback and plans for 2019

2018 is almost coming to an end, so I thought that now would be a good time to make a post were I reflect on what I did this year and what I plan to do in 2019.


2018 was a fairly calm year for me. I did not create as much art and products as I wanted. I did deliberately take things a little easy since I wanted to wait until this website and the webshop were finally finished and operational.

I think the things that I am happiest with this year is my new website and the shop. Although there is still some work left to be done, I am very happy with the sales I have made in my shop so far and I will be striving to promote my shop even more in the upcoming year!

As for art, I do feel like I did more than last year, and yet it is still far from the amount that I really wanted to produce. I created a few new prints, noteblocks and keychains this year and I should not forget about my 2nd coloring book “Wings and fins” and the mini heartlandstories booklet “Miracle night!

What’s in store for 2019??

We can never be sure what the future will bring but I can at least dream about it and try hard to make things a reality 😉 So here are my plans for the upcoming year!

  • 20 Jan I will be a speaker at japan café, were I will talk about my work. It will be my 2nd time as a speaker. If things go well, I might be willing to take up the courage and do this more often!
  • A new coloring book! It has been a while since I created a new coloring book. This time I want to make a little pocket size coloring book with brandnew chibi artworks of mine that you can take with you everywere you go!
  • Comics: As usual, I am still working hard on my next bigger “heartslandstories” comic. I have no clue how far along I am in the story to be honest BUT, I do feel like I have reached the halfway point and I will now be working toward the conclusion 🙂 Also I think that it ia about time that I bring my first comic “Robocity” to english speaking audiences 😉
  • Artworks: I already have a few artworks ready to be shared with you and plans to use them on merchandise! As usual I always hope that I can create more art than the previous year and I will do my best to achieve this!
  • New merchandise! I have many ideas for new merch, even some products that I have not created yet before. I look very much forward to show them to the world 🙂
  • I also plan to promote my webshop a lot and work hard at building a name and brand for myself. This means that I will probably also be creating more original art and try to be more recognisable 🙂
  • finally, I will be attending conventions again. Aside from Dokomi and Dutch comic con in march, I have no idea how many or wich other conventions I will be joining but the ones very high on my list are Abunaicon and MCM London. I really would love to be able to attend and share my work with people in the UK as well! 🙂

Aaaand…that is it! I have no clue what the future hold but we shall see!