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Shop update!

New items have been added to the shop and popular old items have been restocked!

We now have added the cute legend of zelda: Breath of the wild chibi keychains and stickers to the shop! Don’t miss out!

And we have finally restocked the Kingdom hearts, and Metal gear keychains again!

Robocity: english edition kickstarter!

After a long time of waiting I finally decided to do a Kickstarter for the english language version of my comic book: Robocity.

Robocity is a one-shot graphic novel which was professionally published in 2015 in Dutch by publisher dark dragon books. It sold out in less than 3 months in it’s first print run and the second one followed not long after. Since then I had many non-Dutch speaking people ask me when the comic would be available in English. I had a look around at different publishers based in either the UK or USA, but could not find one were my comic would properly fit in. Luckily in this time and age, self-publishing has never been easier and I was determent to make my comic available to a wider international audience. Since I already have a lot of experience publishing books and projects on my own, I decided to take a chance and create a Kickstarter for the English edition of my comic.

The English edition of Robocity contains 108 pages wich include the main story, a shorter christmas special story and 3 mini gag comics plus extra artwork, printed as a full color, softcover, A5 size (7×10.5) book that is available for all ages πŸ™‚

The project is now LIVE on kickstarter!

For those who do not have a creditcard or do not like to use Kickstarter, you can also place an order in my own webshop in the link below:

Heartland stories: Robocity English edition pre-order


Dokomi 2019!

I managed to survive Dokomi con last weekend. I had a blast there and it certainly was one of the best conventions that I have done so far πŸ™‚ Although I had a great time, since I was manning a stand all by myself it also was very very tiring. I am still tired and trying to catch up on sleep haha. Below you can see some pictures that I was able to take from the convention. It shows my booth, some commissioners and people who have been visiting my table and wearing some of my merch πŸ™‚ I hope to be able to visit the convention again next year ^_^

Shop update!

Dokomi convention is over and so I added new items into the shop such as stickers, magnets , prints AND Tshirts! I have them in 3 different designs and I only made a few of each design. Each T-shirt is available in size S,M,L or XL.


Night at the movies V.2 Exhibit

Last month, I was able to join in my very first group exhibit show at Penumbra Gallery in Portugal. The theme of the exhibit was “Night at the movies V.2” in wich we were asked to create a piece based on our favourite movies. Of course I just had to create something of one of my all time favourite movies: “Labyrinth”. I wanted to do a piece of this movie for so long!

The exhibit ran from may 18th until june 1th. The Original is still available. Please contact Penumbra gallery for inquiries at . For those of you who are thight on money, you can also purchase the A3 size print version of my piece in my shop! Below you can see some photo impressions of the exhibit.

Into the labyrinth print

Digital gallery update!

I have added my latest image “Nightdream window” to the gallery. This one along with the accompanying piece “Daydream window” are now also available in my shop as prints.

Nightdream window print

New events announced

I have updated the events page with new info of events that I will be attending. The new events will include Abunai con in august and Dutch comic con winter edition in november. Β On top of that I will also be participating in the Penumbra gallery β€œ night at the movies v.2” next month with a painting of mine. More information about that soon!

New items in the shop!


Last month was Dutch comic con. The biggest convention in the Netherlands! I had an amazing time there and I am very thankful to everyone who came and visited my table….and there were a LOT of people who visited XD

I have finally updated the shop with my latest items. Like new cute memoblocks, new magnets, prints and stickers! Below you can see just a few of the items that are now available in the shop <3

Mushroom Jenny chibi notepads preorders open!

I have opened preorders for my newest cute chibi notepads featuring my cute Mushroom girl Jenny and a few of her friends. They are expected to ship on Tuesday 26th of March this year. You can find the listing here:

Cute chibi Mushroom girl Jenny Notepad PREORDER

I also have several more new items added to the shop such as new keychains and stickers so be sure to check those out as well! πŸ™‚

Drama Queen stickers now available!!

Stickers based on my “Drama Queen” illustration are now available in my store. These stickers are way bigger than my regular ones. They are available with different finishes as well πŸ™‚ The drama Queen illustration itself has now also been added to the digital gallery. More goodies of this beauty will be added soon.