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New Iphone skins added to the shop!

We have been updating the shop with some new skins. You can now get skins for your IPhone with my illustrations! We have skins available for many different IPhone models so there should be something for everyone. You can find the new skins in my shop here:

New Nintendo Switch lite skins added!

I have updated the shop with some new Skins for the Nintendo switch lite! I hope to add more designs soon!You can purchase them HERE

WELCOME! Stay home comic con visitors Please read this!

Hello and welcome to my homepage wich also includes my official webshop. This weekend I am attending the Stay home comic con event wich probably brought you here in the first place. Please read below all the special things that I have planned this weekend so you won’t miss out on anything!


Mystery package giveaway!

This weekend I will give away two mystery packages with goodies from my store. I will give one package away to all customers who bought something from my store on saturday the 28th, and one package to customers who bought something from me on sunday the 29th.

The release of my new digital coloring book “Dreamy chibi’s”!

During these quarantine times I have decided to release my latest coloring book in digital format for the first time. You can purchase the whole book, sets or single pages! You can find the book here

Special digital commission sketches!

I have made two types of digital commission sketches available for this weekend. Please check out my commission page for more information. Each sketch commission will be also be posted to my social media as soon as I have finished it along with a timelapse video so you can actually see how it got made! I am of course also available for other types of commissions as well.

New items in my store!

I have updated my shop with loads of new items! including my previously mentioned first digital coloring book “Dreamy chibi’s” new keychains, prints and more! Please visit my official shop to find them!

Stay home comic con! 28-29 March!

This upcoming weekend I will be attending a very cool initiative! I will be attending my very first digital comic con! Joining in and visiting it is free and there will be many other artists, cosplayers, dealers and more attending!  During that weekend I will be releasing also some new items into my shop, do a giveaway and open special discount sketch commissions! I look very much forward to this! I hope that you will come and have a look as well? 🙂


Wings and Fins coloringbook now on Amazon!

I have finally decided to start make my coloring book also available on Amazon worldwide! The first coloring book that is now available is “Wings and Fins” The books that I printed and published by myself will still be available in the webshop here and in my etsy store. There are a few differences between the amazon version and the Original artist versions that you can find in my own shops.

* The paper quality of the amazon version is not as good as the Original version because of limited paper options at amazon publishing

* A few texts and layouts have changed a little to make it work with amazon publishing

*  To make up for the lower paper quality, the amazon version has the same images as the original versions but duplicated. So instead of just 24 coloring images there are 50! And just like the original version they will be one sided.

You can find the “Wings and Fins” coloring book here on amazon:

“Zodiac dreams” will also follow soon AND I will also debut a new coloring book there very soon as well!

New stickers and Decals in the shop!

The first big update in the shop this year. I have added a big new collection of vynil stickers and a brand new item: Decal skins! For now we have only skins for the Nintendo switch but other devices will follow very soon. Do keep in mind that the decal skins ship from the USA as I work together with a manufacturer from there so that explains why the shipping for this item is cheaper for americans than other global citizens. Still, they are of good quality as I own several ones for myself so I know from personal experience. They will be produced and shipped with care with track and trace! Take a look! SHOP FOR DECAL SKINS HERE

Year of the Rat Special sale!

2020 is the year of the rat, so I am having a special sale on ALL rat related items in my store. These include magnets, stickers, buttons and postcards of ” the year of the rat” This sale will last throughout the WHOLE year until the next year starts 😉


We have reached a new decade and that also means new art and merch in the store! we top off the new year with two new Original paintings that are now available for adoption and looking for a loving home. You can find them in the shop here:


Shop update: Lots of buttons!

The shop has been updated with lots of new buttons that I had not yet uploaded anywere yet. Some of them also have holographic finishes. Below you can see a selection of the new buttons that are now available. For the full selection, please check:




This upcoming Friday, I will be starting my black Friday sale from nov 29th until december 1th! This sale will be available worldwide. You will get 20% discount on ALL items ( except Original artworks)  in my shop by using the code:  BLACKFRIDAY2019 I will also be adding a few new items in my shop as well! So be sure you do not miss this and grab your chance to get some unique Christmas gifts!