Hello and welcome to my homepage wich also includes my official webshop. This weekend I am attending the Stay home comic con event wich probably brought you here in the first place. Please read below all the special things that I have planned this weekend so you won’t miss out on anything!


Mystery package giveaway!

This weekend I will give away two mystery packages with goodies from my store. I will give one package away to all customers who bought something from my store on saturday the 28th, and one package to customers who bought something from me on sunday the 29th.

The release of my new digital coloring book “Dreamy chibi’s”!

During these quarantine times I have decided to release my latest coloring book in digital format for the first time. You can purchase the whole book, sets or single pages! You can find the book here

Special digital commission sketches!

I have made two types of digital commission sketches available for this weekend. Please check out my commission page for more information. Each sketch commission will be also be posted to my social media as soon as I have finished it along with a timelapse video so you can actually see how it got made! I am of course also available for other types of commissions as well.

New items in my store!

I have updated my shop with loads of new items! including my previously mentioned first digital coloring book “Dreamy chibi’s” new keychains, prints and more! Please visit my official shop to find them!