I have finally decided to start make my coloring book also available on Amazon worldwide! The first coloring book that is now available is “Wings and Fins” The books that I printed and published by myself will still be available in the webshop here and in my etsy store. There are a few differences between the amazon version and the Original artist versions that you can find in my own shops.

* The paper quality of the amazon version is not as good as the Original version because of limited paper options at amazon publishing

* A few texts and layouts have changed a little to make it work with amazon publishing

*  To make up for the lower paper quality, the amazon version has the same images as the original versions but duplicated. So instead of just 24 coloring images there are 50! And just like the original version they will be one sided.

You can find the “Wings and Fins” coloring book here on amazon:


“Zodiac dreams” will also follow soon AND I will also debut a new coloring book there very soon as well!